Will You Perform Your Birthday Party Magic Show Outside?

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Will you perform your birthday party magic show outside? Being Arizona’s Premiere Birthday Party Magician I can perform the impossible… Yes I will perform my birthday party magic shows outside.

I do ask that you tell me ahead of time if it's an outdoor show because I typically wear a jacket and tie and if it's a hundred and ten degrees outside and we're doing an outside show (which has happened, and I have done it in a jacket and a tie) I would actually probably wear a different costume. My outside costume is a custom it's baseball jersey with a t-shirt and jeans and  it was actually what I've wore for the past 12 years as my regular costume. I recently upgraded my Birthday Party Magian look to a jacket and tie.

However yes I can perform outside there are many reasons why I prefer to perform inside such as heat, many distractions, and wind… But if you want an outdoor birthday party magic show I will be flexible and meet your needs. So yes I can perform outside.

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