Your Birthday Party Planning Toolbox! 

A Proven Magic Birthday Party Outline

Planning your party ahead of time will give your event a flow that most parties don't have, this will make you look like an amazing host. Many parents get overwhelmed while planning a birthday party and they don't know when, to do what. Come up with a basic outline so you can relax and enjoy the event when the time comes. Or use this simple magic birthday party outline that has served countless parents that I have worked with over the past 15 years. 

Arrival Time - The First 30 Minutes

Use the first 30 minutes of your party to allow all of your guests to arrive. This is a good time for friends to visit and play. This could also be a good time to play a few games as a group or run a contest like the jelly bean game as your guests arrive.

Show Time - The Next 30 to 60 Minutes

At this point your entertainer should have arrived and is setup and ready to go. Some performers have special requirements for their setups and you will want to ask what they will need.

If you have hired me (thank you!) I will generally arrive at least 15 minutes before Show Time and my setup happens in 5 minutes or less. Your guests can enter the space and start settling in before I even finish setting up.

It is very important to have at least a 30 minute buffer from the start of your party and the start of your entertainment. Most performers, including myself run a very tight schedule. We will have to start and finish on time in order to be on time for our next event.

Time For Food - The Next 30 Minutes

Ideally after the show, all of your guests will move to a different area where food and or cake will be served. This keeps the party moving while allowing your entertainer time to gather their things and head out.

Games - The Next 30 Minutes

After cake is a great time to burn some energy, this is good place to play some games or even whack a piñata!

Presents - The Last 30 Minutes

Get your pen and paper ready because as the party winds down you will want to gather your guests and open presents. This is a very exciting time for both your child and your guests.

Party Bags - As They Leave

Now that yo have shown all of your guests a wonderful time and they have given your child amazing gifts it is time to send them on their way with an amazing party bag filled with toys, treats, and a little magic too.

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