How Long Do Your Birthday Party Magic Shows Last?

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How long do your birthday party magic shows last? Currently I have three different birthday party magic show packages. I offer the “Birthday Bash Party Package” which lasts 30 minutes and it's a nice tight magic show and it is a  very popular option.

I also have a 60 minute option called the “Triple Threat Birthday Party Package”. This party package starts with a birthday party magic show, then I teach the kids a magic lesson and the kids receive the props needed to perform the trick. (Just add them to your goodie bags) And last, I make simple balloon animals for all of the children.

Finally I offer “The Big Top Party Package” which is my newest party package. This builds off of the two previous packages for a 90 minute birthday party magic experience lasting 90 minutes. After the show, and magic lesson, I will make more complex balloon hats  and sculptures. I usually make cool twisty hats like Dr.

Seuss would have and these look amazing in your photos and they're definitely very

popular among your guests.

The most popular package right now is the “Triple Threat Party Party Package” and if you Inquire now, you will get all of the details about these different party packages, pricing, my availability and some amazing party planning tools too.

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