Does Your Children's Magic Show Include Live Animals?

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Do you use the live animals in your children’s magic show? At this time I do not use any live animals my show and I have many friends who successfully do use rabbits or even birds. However I choose not to here in the valley of the sun where it is very hot. I don't want to tote bunny rabbit around through the summer and put it through that kind of torture and I do have friends who know how to do this

properly but it's just a lot of demand on the little creatures.

Once it hits 95 they don't even use the animals anymore anyway because it's too much of a risk for them, so I do not use live animals. However I do use a puppet named rocky the raccoon. He is a spring animal that looks very real and at the end of the show after sees him, I can almost  guarantee that about 80% of the kids will think that I used a live animal in the show anyway even though it was just a puppet because we have so much fun with the little guy.

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